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Work Smarter, Not Harder!, Issue #002 -- Important steps to effective time management
April 01, 2008

What we are covering in this issue.

Better time management may be beneficial to you if you are constantly

  • putting one fire out only to go to the next,
  • overwhelmed with the many things that you have to do,
  • not having enough time int the day!

From a time management point of view, there are a number steps that you can take to work smarter, rather than harder.

Know how you spend your time

Have you ever got to the end of your day and thought to yourself "where did my day go?"

Have have been working hard all day and the intray is still overflowing with unfinished work.

If so, then an inventory of how you spend your day is important, because you can't fix a problem if you can't identify it!

If time is money, then your free time inventory will tell you how you are spending your money, and what time wasters are a poor time investment for you.

Structured goal setting program

There are a number of steps to effective time management, and one of the most important is having a goal setting plan.

A goal setting plan will crystallize what is important to you and the steps that you need to take to achieve your dream. Do you want to:

  • save for a deposit on your new house
  • start a new business?
  • lose weight?
  • spend more time with family or friends?

Whatever your goal, effective goal-setting can focus your time and effort on important things for you. This free online goal setting course contains seven lessons for effective goal setting.

Goal setting helps you to build today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality.

Proactive time management will get you off the treadmill

Do you spend most of your time putting out fires?

Do you find yourself working really hard, but never really achieving your goals or getting through the important tasks that you have each day

If so, then you could be spinning your wheels, and proactive time management will help you get off the treadmill of dealing with crises and using your time in a productive and less stressful manner.

Schedule your time

Not having enough time to do things in the day is one of the most common problems of time management.

If you can't do all the things that you have to do, then click here to make sure that you do the important things that move you in the direction of your goals.


Time is a valuable resource for you. Each moment spent in crisis or frustration could have been used more productively.

In this issue, a number of activities and lessons have been provided to give you the tools to work smarter and not harder. We hope that these tools for a more efficient and productive use of your time.

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