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Supercharge Your Time Management with Time Management Software
August 01, 2008

Supercharge Your Time Management with Time Management Software


While we can now do many things in a fraction of the time that it took our grandparents, the simple fact is that the speed of life has increased.

In this issue, we show you 5 ways that you can harness the power of time management software to reduce your stress and bring your time under control. We also highlight some questions to ask yourself before you make the time management jump.

Alternatively, you may just want to keep up-to-date with the latest time management news, or see the results of our lastest poll – Are you a slave to your email?

1. Time management software can help you set SMARTer goals

SMART goals are the foundation of goal setting success and effective time management, and if you have taken our free goal setting course you will know all about them.

But did you know that you can use time management software to set SMART goals on what is most important for you. By linking your SMART goals to time management software, you can focus on the most important things to you and increase your probability of success. I suggest to my clients to ask themselves these questions first, and to use a complimentary one month trial of time management software and to sign up to the Training Center.

2. Time Management Software Enhances Scheduling

Technology has also provided a way that we can schedule more effectively. For example, people are now able to remotely coordinate meetings with software which is able to match people's availability. This can save a load of time. Likewise, rescheduling can be done with ease, which the traditional paper-based system could only do with a pencil and eraser.

Effective people know what their goals are and how to achieve them with minimal stress. The easiest way for successful people to do this is schedule their time to complete their high priorities. This story shows you why.

3. Take Back Control and Reduce Your Stress

Do you have too much to do and not enough time. Time management software can get focus you on what is most important to you, by using the ABCD prioritization system. By prioritizing your To-Do List with personal time management software, you can take advantage of the 80/20 rule and accomplish more.

4. Time Management Software Increases Your Productive Time

If you combine the technology with a PDA it can reduce your down time. For example, when waiting for an appointment or using public transport, you can fire off a few quick emails or do some other necessary work.

5. Time Management Software Reduces Duplication

Often it is necessary to move from daily to weekly and then monthly or yearly views of your diary. In a paper-based system this often means duplication which eats into your time. Time management software can seamlessly move from these different views with the click of a button.

Is personal time management software for you?

If you are thinking of using time management software, you really need to weigh-up the pros and cons of a paper-based system vs. a software-based system. Ultimately, it is a personal choice based on your preferences and needs, but ask yourself these questions.

Considering time management software that complements your style can also aid self-discipline and reduce procrastination.

Results from last week's poll on family time management

In last week’s poll, an average amount of time spent reading and responding to email was 2hrs 17 minutes. This is similar to the study that found that many workers were spending over 2hrs a day on their email.


You can supercharge your time management with time management software, but it is important to know that time management software will not help you if you have poor time management habits. Your habits need to be changed first, and a good place to start would be our free time management course..

In the next issue, sent to you on the 15th August, we will look at how a lack of time can cause you stress, and what you can do about it.

If you have any comments, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Effective Time Management Strategies.

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