An action plan is a roadmap to your success you've dreamed big and you know where you want to go in your life. An action plan is a road map to your success, building the bridge between today’s dream and tomorrow’s reality.

At it's simplest, a plan of action is a list of all of the tasks that you need to carry out to achieve an objective. It differs from a To Do List in that it focuses on the achievement of a single goal.

Whenever you need to achieve a goal, a plan of action will help you identify what needs to be done, the resources you require, and track your progress towards your goal.

There are a number of benefits of having a plan to achieve your goals:

  • help you to understand what tasks you need to do to achieve your goal
  • give you have a clear time-line on each of your tasks so that you can track goal progress
  • give you clarity for the resources that you need to achieve your goal

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that you can regularly evaluate your progress and cross out the things that you are doing to achieve your goals.

Your free template will give you confidence and motivation - which is the stuff that builds the bridge between a today's dream and tomorrow's reality.

For an explanation of how to fill this out, please feel free to look at one I created for myself to reach the goal of public speaking with confidence.

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