Goal Setting and Time Management

Goal setting and time management go hand in hand. Goal setting ensures that you are spending your valuable time on those things that matter most in work and life.

Often people tell me "I don’t have time to set goals...I am too busy". What screams out to me when they say this "is that you don't have time not to set goals!"

Goal setting is one of the most effective time management strategies there are.

By weaving a life that aligns with your goals you are far more likely to feel you have direction and purpose - these are the very foundation upon which you can develop your time management skills.

The problem is that only 2 percent of the population write down their goals and regularly review them.

Let's suppose that you wanted to build your dream home. Wouldn't you draw up plans and organize the materials that you needed before you started to build your dream home?

It goes without saying that the foundations and walls are in place before the roof goes on. Once the roof is on, you would then start to work on the interior and doing the electrics.

You plan your dream home so that your house ends up being the vision that you had of it.

Do you apply the same ideas of goals and planning to your own life?

If not, then you need a plan to set goals and achieve them!

By setting smart goals and using a tried-and-tested goal setting plan you are more likely to get started, and more importantly, stay with the goal setting process, in pursuing your dreams and designing your ideal life.

Alternatively you can participate in our free online time management course or goal setting course, delivered to your Inbox.

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