Stress Causes

Many people experience stress on a daily basis.

Knowing your stress causes is an important step to stress relief.

Research shows that the major causes of stress are:

  • jobs and the workplace
  • personal relationships
  • children
  • financial problems
  • being too busy, and
  • general health
What causes one person severe stress, may be a minor source of stress for another.

Stress is in the eye of the beholder!

Most of these causes of stress can be put into two groups - daily hassles and major life events.

Daily hassles

Daily hassles are the little things that add up over time.

stress causes
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The most reported daily hassles include a concern about

  • the health of somebody in your family,
  • being worried about your physical appearance
  • having too much to do,
  • home maintenance problems, or
  • rising prices or not enough money.
Do these sound familiar?

Everyday annoyances can make you a candidate for stress-related health problems.

While your own daily hassles may be different to these, what is important is their frequency and duration, and how you react to them.

To gain a better understanding of your daily stressors and how you react to them try using a stress diary.

Important life events

Important life events can also have huge effect on your stress levels.

Life events include the death of a spouse, divorce, major illness in the family, failing a course at school, losing your job, and retirement.

Psychologists have also suggested that pleasant events such as getting married or getting a job promotion can cause stress.

Whether pleasant or unpleasant, a stressful event requires adjustment and adaptation to change.

Symptoms of prolonged distress can include depression, sleep disturbances, fatigue, panic attacks, loneliness and increased chance of mortality.

A first step to understanding what is stressing you and how you react to stress, try using a stress diary.

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