Time Management Courses

Time management courses increase your productivity and give you greater control of your time. These courses improve your time management, help you set goals, and overcome procrastination, so you can get things done.

Do you miss deadlines?

Are you feeling like you are working hard but not getting things done?

Do you feel pressured by a lack of time?

If you are looking for stress-free productivity then these free time courses may be of benefit to you!

We provide a number of courses on this site that we have developed from doing years of presentations with business professionals, college and university students, and elite athletes.

These people all had one thing in common...they wanted to get more out of their limited time!

As you are well aware...in today's competitive world, the productivity of individuals and organizations is dependent on how effectively you employ your time.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do then these courses could be beneficial for you.

We provide a number of courses here.

Courses for Time Management

Why not sign up for our time management course.

This is a similar course we give to elite athletes and business professionals.

In this course you develop the time management skills that boost your productivity in a number of ways. This course:

  1. show you how you are currently spending your time
  2. identifies your current time wasters
  3. gives you the techniques to manage interruptions/distractions so that you remain focused on your high impact activities
  4. develop a personal compass plan so that you reap the most benefit from your efforts.

Procrastination course

Procrastination robs you of your potential and stops you from getting things done. Not to mention the increased stress that comes from not meeting yours and others expectations.

Overcoming procrastination is more than just a matter of using your willpower!

You've probably used your willpower before and it did not work.

You need to get to the heart of the procrastination problem and find out why you are procrastinating.

And the reasons and solutions to procrastination are unique to you.

That is why we find this procrastination course useful.

It has daily lessons that are tailored to your unique situation and gets to the heart of your procrastination problem.

Student time management course

Students often have to juggle their academic work, with social life, and work.

This can put a lot of stress on students and result in a poorer quality of work if they don't manage their time.

This time management for college students course develops student planning and scheduling so that you can take control of your workload.

This course also provides study techniques so that you can make the most of your time at the desk.

Goal setting course

Goal setting is fundamental to effective time management.

Goal setting is about planning your work and then working your plan.

This goal setting course provides you with a personal compass plan to get things done.

In the goal setting course you develop long and short-term goals.

These goals, whether they are work goals, fitness goals, or personal goals, are then transformed into SMART goals to maximize your goal setting success.


While each and every person is unique in their patterns of time, what is important is that you are spending your time on important tasks that move you towards your goals.

By developing tools that are used on a daily basis, these time management lessons and goal setting lessons should instill personal habits of effectiveness and success.

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