Time Management for Kids

Time management for kids is a hands-on experience that can help kids and families cope with their schedule. Like any learned skill, time management is about practicing habits - but remember that kids learn what they see.

So if you are rushing from A to B and not able to find things, then it should be little surprise that your son can't find his football boots. Time management for kids is most effective when modeled by parents.

As a parent, decide what sort of household do you want to cultivate and then make it happen.

Before you get started though - it is important to set some ground rules.

What do you want to happen after school. Have a chat with your children and discuss the day? Help them to decide what they want to do after school - how they are going to accomplish it.

Develop a schedule for homework. By creating a schedule for homework the child learns about priorities. Teach your children Napoleon's "Divide and conquer" strategy for big tasks.

For example, break an assignment down into smaller tasks, such as collecting reference books, planning the titles and so forth. This can help children understand that doing small tasks over several days is generally better than a long marathon session.

As a parent find your balance. As younger kids are developing self-discipline they will need more supervision. As they get older it will be important to strike a balance between being a resource or a safety net.

When there is too much work. As inevitably will happen there will be too much work for children to get through. This represents a great learning opportunity to teach your children about setting priorities and discussing the consequences of not doing different tasks.

Prioritizing tasks can be aided with goal setting for kids. By creating a fun environment that kids can embark on their goals, can be a good skill that can change your child's life forever.

It is important in all of this scheduling and time management for kids to find out what it is that recharges the batteries of your children. What sort of hobbies do they like? What are their interests? What do they find fun.

Plan your time around TV. Too many of us watch too much TV. Planning your time around TV or social media can be an important time management skill for children.

Using time management charts can be a great way for visual learners to see how they spend their time. Parents can discuss with their children about how they would like their time chart to change.

Give your child a calendar. Kids from about second class will benefit from a calendar. Usually calendars that are color coded in your child's favorite color are a great way to increase enjoyment. Have your children write on the calendar the things they would like to get done.

As a parent it is important to choose the activities for your children wisely. Know the signals that you children may give you when they start to feel overbooked. Time spent playing outside of schedule is critical for your child's development and happiness.

As a parent, do your best to cultivate a fun learning environment that expands on the interest and hobbies of your children.

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