Time Management Game: Cooking Dash Dinertown Studios

Time management games develop your time management skills in a fun way.

These games can involve building cities, running businesses, serving customers, or treating paients in a hospital.

In the Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios the resourceful waitress Flo has to manage customers, take their order, and prepare the food.

Celebrities, multiple menus, and inpatient customers need to be managed with the help of Grandma and chef friend Cookie.

Scoring in this game occurs when tasks are completed.

Also watch out for events that can influence your customers moods - overcooked food or waiting too long for an order.

Some customers are patient while others are not - so you need to think about strategy in this game.

As you score more your chef-friend Cookie can assist in the food prepapration.

This then allows you to focus your time management skills on satisfying the demands of the busy Diner and maintaining the satisfaction of your customers.

This fun game may benefit your personal time management.

Developing your time management is a skill.

Like any skill, whether it is learning to drive or to play golf, you get better with practice.

Learning time management skills doesn't have to be a chore - it can be a fun and easy way to develop your skills.

Online games are fun time management tools that can develop these skills in a safe and fun environment.

While learning new time management strategies make sure that you schedule your game playing into your time management planner so that it becomes a routine and apply the dedication that you would to other tasks - such as work.

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