Balancing Work and Family – Delegating or Getting Hired Help

Balancing work and family time are important to you and your family.

But the last thing that you want to do when at home is all the housework - you have more important things to do with your family time.

Are you doing all the housework? Is this stopping you from spending valuable time with your family?

If you are then you are probably not delegating enough.

Delegation is one of the most talked about but least used time management tip. The experts emphasize that if you want to become more effective then learn to delegate well.

However there are other benefits to delegate - if done well then delegation can be a way for children and other members of the family to learn and help out.

This can balance your work and family time, allowing you to spend more quality time with your family.

Follow these simple steps for effective delegation for more quality time with your family.

At the same time you should consider delegating to people outside of your family.

Let’s look at it economically.

How much do you earn an hour? Is it $20 an hour? $50 an hour? How much is 2 hours of cleaning really costing you?

To calculate how much an hour is worth to you, take your salary and divide it by 1000. Then divide this number by 2.

The figure that you get is a rough idea of your average hourly rate based on a 40 hour week.

For example, let’s suppose that I earn $50,000 a year.

Dividing this by 1,000 gives me $50. Then dividing this by 2 gives me $25.

My hourly rate is roughly $25 an hour.

So now you have a dollar figure on your time. This can help you to decide on whether you want to hire out some help.

If it costs $20 for a kid down the road to mow my lawn, then by my calculation, I can spend my time more effectively hiring out help and spending my time on more important things.

Getting hire help can free up your time to do more important things.

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