Goal Setting for Kids - The secrets of making wishes come true.

Most goal setting for kids books are quite similar, so if you have read one then you have read them all. So as a rule, I don’t usually buy them unless they are highly recommended by someone else.

But after reading Go For Your Goals I couldn't wait to get to my computer to write this review. The reason why I liked this book is that it instills the same goal setting process that I use with successful adults in sport, business and education.

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For a children’s goal setting book it was one of the best books on children’s goal setting that I've ever read and if you follow it, then this book will promote and develop your child’s life skills and give them the self-confidence of being capable of doing whatever they put their mind to – now that is valuable!

Note: Winsome and Jessi’s book is an ebook (electronic book) so you will receive it by e-mail as soon as you order.

When I first skimmed the sales page for the book, I have to admit I almost didn't buy it because the copy looked a little hyped up and pitchy. It sounded like all the rest.

But what drew me in was that the author kept emphasizing the same points I talk about on this site when it comes to the goal setting process, so I became intrigued about how they used this process for children aged between 5 and 13 years of age.

Still a bit skeptical, I purchased it anyway. However, I'm happy to tell you I was pleasantly surprised with its contents.

Go For Your Goals consists of three books. The first book for 5-8 year olds (30 pages), and the second book for 9-12 year olds (43 pages), are written to develop your child’s true potential and to set goals. The third book is a parent's guide (22 pages) which provides an opportunity for parents to develop their child’s understanding of these concepts!

Throughout the three books there are a number of exercises and fun activities that reinforce learning and involvement in goal setting. Not only does Winsome discuss goal setting for kids but she also discusses what parents can do to develop and promote their child’s interest and understanding.

Winsome and Jessi are former school teachers and have written goal setting courses and children educational curriculum's. This makes them a very credible source on the subject. I also liked the illustrations in the children’s goal setting book, which are sure to capture your child’s imagination and interest.

My Review of "Go For Your Goals"

First of all, Winsome and Jessi begin by explaining the parent’s role in your child’s goal setting adventure. While there is some assumed information for parents, the authors do provide access to other resources if they wish to develop their understanding.

The parent’s guide looks at some of the common problems that we have with goal setting and visualization. These issues are then compared to the some of the issues that children may have with goal setting and visualization.

What I like about the parent’s guide is that the authors recognize the important role that a parent has in guiding your child’s development with positive reinforcement and having a positive attitude that is solution-focused.

This is reflected in the goal setting for kids aged 5-8. The illustrations are sure to capture the imagination of your child and the fun activities such as the wish list, the goal setting ladder, the progress chart are sure to keep your child involved and motivated.

The only drawback is that some of the words are a little advanced for kids who are aged 5-8. However this should pose not difficulty as the book is meant to be read with the help of parents and taking the positive view of the book, this provides the opportunity for parents to expand and improvise.

The third book is goal setting for kids aged 9-12 which is a more advanced version of the book for younger kids. Again the book does a good job of explaining what goals are, the need for having a plan to achieve them. I like the relevant examples for kids in that age bracket and also the fun activities that reinforce the learning.

Overall, I am quite excited to recommend Go For Your Goals, as the steps that they provide in their goal setting for kids books are similar to the steps that I take with grown ups who are trying to achieve success on the sporting field, business world or academia.

Like adult goal setting, there are no short cuts to children’s goal setting. Importantly the book makes goal setting fun and provides activities that develop goal setting experience and promote self-confidence and the capability of achieving whatever your child puts their mind to.

I learned a lot from Winsome and Jesi’s book....much more than I expected. For example, I didn’t know that parent’s could play such an important role in fostering the goal setting success of their children. Nor did I know how important the fun activities are to promote and reinforce learning which are so important for the goal setting child.

Goal setting for kids promotes their self-confidence and develops their life skills, and importantly allows parent’s to play a role in fostering the goal setting experience of their children...it's all in Go for Your Goals.

If you buy one goal setting for children book this year, make this the one. It was definitely money well spent for me.

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