Effective Delegation: Why People Avoid Delegation?

Do you avoid effective delegation?

If so, then you could use your time more wisely and probably causing greater stress and frustration for your employees and people around you.

It is not unusual to avoid delegation. In fact there are a number of reasons why delegation is sometimes a hard thing to do.

Here are some of the major reasons for avoiding delegation:

I fear losing control of the project or task.

This is a big reason for not delegating. Often acknowledging this and recognizing benefits of delegating can help to reduce this fear.

Some benefits may include being able to increase the time that you can devote to other things that are considered more important or for which you have a greater skill.

I don’t have the confidence in others doing the task.

The best way to build your confidence in others is by delegating small, clearly defined tasks.

This can have a synergistic effect, by increasing your confidence in the other person when they do the task, but also increase the motivation of the other who has been delegated to.

See these steps for how to delegate effectively.

It is more efficient to do the job myself.

This may be the case right now but effective delegating to the right person increases their learning, skills and empowers them to take responsibility to get the job done.

I like to do things my way, and have a high standard that I set myself.

Delegating successfully involves communicating your standards and the way you want it done.

My staff will resent me if I give them extra work.

If you have the right staff, and you are delegating successfully, then your staff should welcome the extra responsibility and trust that you are giving them.

Good time management at work is about ensuring that staff focus on their high value tasks.

Everybody understands that sometimes extra work just needs to get done. But if frequent extra work means some of your priorities are compromised then this needs to be negotiated with your boss.

I find that using activity logs or time keeping software is a useful tool to gather objective data which can be used in your discussion with your manager.

Perhaps they will do a better job than me and I will become dispensable.

This is an irrational fear. The purpose of delegating is to create more time for yourself to do those important things that you have the skills and interest to do.

If you delegate effectively everyone is a winner – you, the person you are delegating to, and your company.

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