Use Time Keeping Software to Improve Productivity

Time keeping software tracks your activities and focuses your time on high impact activities. Have you ever sat at your computer and the next thing you know it is 5pm? And then it hits you......

"Gee where did my day go?" Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what you worked on and for how long. 

Well now you can! The right software jots down all the activity that you have done on your computer. 

If you have a question about what you worked on this morning then with the click of the mouse you have your answer. If you want to know how much time you have spent on client work or doing a project then the right time keeping software gives you that answer almost immediately. 

This is great for a business professional or anybody who wants to track time.

Previously I have used stopwatches, activity logs and spreadsheets, and have even gone through old emails to estimate how long I have spend with clients! Well, now with the click of a mouse I get this information immediately. This saves me time and means I accurately bill my clients. 

How time keeping software increases productivity

Time tacking software is useful to improve time management at work for number of different professions.

For example:

Attorney/Lawyers. Attorneys could use time keeping software to track the hours they spend on clients work.

Freelancers. Freelancers could use this software to stay productive by ensuring they are spending their time on their high impact pursuits. Freelancers could also use it as a tool to stay motivated and focused on work – especially when there are many distractions!

Consultants. Consultants could provide their clients with hard data on how they spend their time and how they could spend their time more wisely. Goals around client’s workflow e.g. email usage or the focus on high value activities, could be used to track clients and advise on how to change these practices for increased productivity

Architects. Architects could use software as a project planning tool to assess and make more realistic project estimates.

Students. Students could monitor their study habits and distractions so that they could improve their study effectiveness and overall student time management.

Researchers. Researchers could focus on their research while in the background they could track time on various projects and whether they are on budget from various funding sources.

Accountants and other professionals. Business professionals could use this time and billing software to track clients and provide up-to-the-minute invoices to their clients with the click of a mouse.

But the right software does more than simply track time. Individuals and companies also want to have a seamless integration across other systems.

Rather than exporting data through CSV files and then re-importing into another package some software systems work seamlessly across different systems. For example time tracking data could be integrated with payroll systems that automatically bill clients and pay employees. 

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