Employee Time Management Can Give You More Value for your Dollar

That’s right! Employee time management can reduce your costs and improve your business productivity.

Are you looking over your business records and thinking that you want to get more value for the wages that you pay. If so, then employee time management can help.

If you are the owner of a business you want your employees to be spending their time doing the best on-the-job performance they can.

Time management for employees is about being proactive in your time management ensuring that your employees are working on the top priorities.

One of the first steps to better time management is organization. Organizing your business, knowing your priorities and then putting in a plan to act on your priorities is the key to better employee time management.

But how do you achieve this?

Plan you work

Have your employees develop a plan. For me a weekly plan works best, for others it may be daily and for others it could be by project. I set a weekly plan on Friday for the following week.

Work your plan

In the weekly plan you will know what you highest priority items. Schedule these top priority tasks. The most successful people manage their distractions (email, phone) to ensure that they spend a large amount of time on these most important tasks. If it is not a priority, then look for ways to delegate the task.

Employee time management software is often a good way for employees to understand how long they are spending on tasks and it also allows the business owner to have a finger on the pulse of business activity.


Often what I see with new managers is that they know that delegation is important but they think that their case is different. Put your "Yes But's" under the microscope and try out these delegation strategies which will free up your time for more important tasks and also train the people around you.

Meeting times

Many top managers feel they spend way too much time in ineffective meetings. When setting meetings, respect the time of others, ensuring that you start and finish on time. In the meeting, have set times for the topics that are on the agenda, and avoid the meeting being hijacked by the agendas of others individuals or things that are off topic.

Set SMARTer goals.

Only 2% of people set effective goals. Yet setting SMARTer goals is one of the key ingredients to successful people and businesses. Goal setting is an active process that involves setting Specific, Measurable, Action-orientated, Realistic, Timely, Ethical and regularly Reviewed goals.

Time management will boost your employees productivity which can be the difference between a small business's success and failure.

Time and attendance systems. See how the right time and attendance system can track employee productivity and streamline your business. Having your finger on the pulse of your business can make the difference to your business success.

Task Management Software. If you find that you are being overwhelmed with the number of tasks that you are juggling, then the task management software can benefit you and your business.

Appointment Scheduling Software. Appointment scheduling software can boost your client satisfaction and extend your business hours well after the last employee has gone home.

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