Time and Attendance Systems: Intelligent Workforce Management

Time and attendance systems allow you to have a finger on the pulse of your business, tracking productivity and streamlining workflow, and making big savings for your business. It can be the difference that makes your business a success.

What time and attendance systems can do for your business

Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, logistics, health, or services; the right time and attendance software:

  • records employees attendance across multiple sites,
  • enables better scheduling of your staff,
  • identifies how your employees use their time,
  • reduces operational costs, streamlines administrative tasks, lowers overtime costs, and reduces over-staffing
  • complies with work rules and work legislation
  • can be integrated into the accounting and resource departments.

Employees are the most important part of your business. By having a finger on the pulse of your business, your team's productivity, and operational costs, you streamline your workforce and increase revenue.

Whether you use:

  • traditional Bundy clock in which people “punch in” and “punch out”
  • biometric time and attendance systems that read face, finger, or eye identifiers
  • touch screens to record attendance
  • magnetic barcodes on swipe cards....

....the information recorded by the time management systems is then transferred to the relevant computer system and can be used to generate timesheets and wages, which streamlines repetitive administration tasks.

But it is critical that the right time attendance software complements the demands of your business!

Some things to consider before purchasing

Traditional brick and mortar businesses often incorporate virtual offices, so any time attendance system has to account for the virtual office, in which people work across multiple locations.

The time attendance software has to have flexible solutions without sacrificing management controls. Flexible time attendance software will allow you to customize the time attendance software to meet the demands of your business.

For example, you may want to track a team working on a project, and by comparing the production rates to the employees working on the project, you will more easily estimate and schedule time and resources for the project. This helps with managing deadlines and delegating future work.

To streamline the business workflow, time attendance software can be incorporated into payroll so that you have complete records of the hours that employees spend on different projects and the click of a button. This streamlining of your workforce reduces administrative costs and maintains an effective and disciplined workforce.

The right time attendance system takes the guesswork out of your decisions. You easily estimate resources and time required for projects, which in turn can be linked to financial records.

Having your finger on the pulse of your business and streamlining your workflow can be a great productivity boost which can mean the difference between success and failure.

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