A Goal Setting Process To Maximize Goal Setting Success

Following this goal setting process is a surefire way to achieve goal setting success.

There is a strong link between a structured goal setting plan and goal setting success.

Everyday I work with athletes, students or business professionals.

Often these people do a good job of setting long range goals. They want to win the Olympics, get top marks at school, or bring a new product onto the market before their competitors.

While they set good long range goals they often ignore the rest of the goal setting plan.

They forget the how!

How are they going to achieve their long-term goal is often absent from their plan.

By following process below you can greatly increase your chances of making today's vision become tomorrow's reality!

Goal Setting Process

Software-Based Goal-Setting System

Goal setting starts with identifying your values and having a personal vision that underpins your goal setting.

Setting long-term goals as an extension of your personal vision provides you with motivation and energy to achieve your goals.

Your vision is likely to extend across a number of different areas of your life, so it is important to choose those goals that are most important to you!

It can be exciting setting goals, especially when you start to achieve your goals. But be aware that there is an inverse relationship between the number of goals and the chances of achieving goals.

So limit your goal setting to a few really important ones and strive to achieve these before setting other goals.

This goal setting activity helps with this.

Part of good goal setting is to set SMART goals. SMART goals is the most likely way that you achieve goal setting success.

When you have SMART goals, it is important to create more immediate objectives with your action plan that identifies the steps and milestones to goal achievement.

These goal setting templates can keep you focused and motivated on your important goals.

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