Time Management for College - Goal Setting

Time management for college is about balancing your hectic life so that you can achieve your goals. But what are your goals?

As a college student it is important to set goals. You may be asking why? When everyday is different and there are many things that you could do at any given time.

Well this is the reason why goals are so important. Goals give you direction. They allow you to determine what is important in your life and by setting them you focus yourself to strive and achieve them.

Whatever your goals, whether they are to get top grades, to have fun as a student or simply just to get through with all the hectic things that you are doing, setting goals is critical.

Every year, millions of students set goals. But goals are not like New Years resolutions in which you set and then forget, only to set the same goal next year.

Goals are an active process. When I work with elite athletes, some of whom are still at school or college, I get them to visualize what it is they want out of their sport and college in the next year.

Then we do the hard part which is to set daily and weekly goals in which the college student is working to achieve their daily and weekly goals.

These short term goals are like the rungs of a ladder, with each rung moving you closer and closer to the top of the ladder, your long term goal.

However, make sure that your long term goal is meaningful to you. It should excite you and be of intrinsic value. Because you don't want to get to the top of the ladder and realize that it is leaning up against the wrong building.

Goal setting is a critical component of time management for college. If you would like to participate in a free goal setting course then click here.

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