Student Time Management Tips

Student time management is one of the most important skills to manage your study and get good grades. I work with about 2,000 students a year and the most common issues I hear are that students

student time management
  • feel stressed and overwhelmed by a lack of time
  • are studying at hours when they are not fresh and productive
  • procrastinate on that must-do homework or assignment
  • cram the night before
  • not getting assignments in on time.

When you look at these common student concerns you can see that it centers around three things:

  1. Time Management
  2. Self Management
  3. Study Skills

1. Student time management

As a student, I often felt I had too much to do and not enough time! I know that I wasn't alone; many of my classmates were burning the candle at both ends.

The demands of school, work, and social life can mean that you leave things to the night before or forget to hand in that important assignment.

Good time management helps you juggle your busy life.

Good time management starts with getting an overview of what you have to do and then have a sensible schedule that gets rubber on the road.

Basically in order to manage your time you need to manage yourself.

2. Self management

Are you the type of student who has a good plan and the best of intentions....but you find yourself falling into bad habits.

If so then you have probably seen this formula before:

Good intentions + procrastination = definitely tomorrow

Good intentions and the most well laid plans are not enough if the self management is not working. Here are some options to do away with the most common bad habit...yep you guessed it...procrastination.

As a student, Facebook...Internet...even washing the dirty dishes - all have been used as a form of procrastination when I need to do some study. One research study quoted that 80% of students procrastinate on important assignments and study.

Here is a killer study tip if you want to overcome procrastination and get stuff done.

3. Studying smarter (not longer)

Studying smarter (rather than longer) is the holy grail of student time management.

Studying effectively is not an all-night cram session the day before the exam. Nor is it chaining yourself to a desk for 12 hours straight!

Unfortunately, cramming and study go together like carrots and peas....and cramming leads to rapid forgetting. 

A better strategy is to chunk your large task, use spacing, and prime your brain for study. 

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Being a student involves readings, attending lectures and tutorials, and participating throughout the semester.

One important student time management tip is being able to plan and manage the new information.

This involves keeping up-to-date with readings and being an active contributor to your learning experience.

One part of academic performance is being able to connect and relate facts with larger patterns of knowledge, and then communicating them in your own words.

Here we provide a set of proven study techniques that maximize your retention and overall performance.

Have Any Good Student Time Management Tips?

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