A time management schedule saves time studying for tests

by Debbie Parkinson
(Memphis, TN)

I save a lot of time studying for a test by staying on a schedule. I am much more productive and do better on my test when I review every day.

Kell’s Reply: Thank you Debbie.
One of the hats I wear is as a lecturer at university. I find that students who study to a time table, don’t do all-nighters, experience less stress, and tend to do better in their exams.

So having a time management schedule is a very important way to ensure that you get your high impact activities (HIAs) completed.


Well whether you are a student or an executive – we are all faced with a 101 things to do and only time to really complete half of this.

A time management schedule ensures that you get your big ticket items done.

This point was illustrated yesterday when I was working with student yesterday.

He was smart guy but was always putting things off.

Because he did not have a schedule he was at the mercy of being pulled into reactivity such checking emails, or studying the subjects he liked (he liked studying Maths ….yes he preferred maths to his other subjects).

We developed a balanced time management schedule – that ensured that he made time to study his other subjects as well, with lots of down time to rest and relax.

The benefit of this is that he is likely to increase his focus when he is studying, and he is likely to get a better mark in all subjects than if he just studied his ‘pet subject’ of maths.

While this schedule was a weekly time management schedule, a semester schedule enabled him to see where his really busy periods were so that he could plan for these bottle neck periods accordingly.

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