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Feb 02, 2024

Time Management in the Workplace

time management in the workplace

Time management in the workplace can mean the difference between success and failure. Are you hard-working and motivated but feel overwhelmed and over-worked? Improve your time management at work.

Continue reading "Time Management in the Workplace"

Feb 02, 2024

Time Management to Align Your Life With Your Priorities


Time management is more than to do lists and diaries. It is about weaving a life that is aligned with what matters most to you and your family.

Continue reading "Time Management to Align Your Life With Your Priorities"

Dec 07, 2022

7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination


7 ways to overcome procrastination that tap into your motivation. These tips are great if you are having trouble getting motivated and are locked in a pattern of action avoidance.

Continue reading "7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination"

Dec 06, 2022

Effects of Procrastination - 3 Ways Procrastination Impacts You

effects of procrastination full

The negative effects of procrastination can lower well-being, reduce the quality of relationships with others and affect you financially.

Continue reading "Effects of Procrastination - 3 Ways Procrastination Impacts You"

Dec 06, 2022

How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating by lowering the commitment to start, using intention plans, timeboxing and temptation bundling.

Continue reading "How to Stop Procrastinating"

Dec 05, 2022

Overcoming Procrastination through Willpower


Tips for overcoming procrastination by increasing willpower

Continue reading "Overcoming Procrastination through Willpower"

Dec 05, 2022

Are you a Procrastinator: Take the Procrastination Quiz

Are you a procrastinator? Your responses to this quiz provide insights into overcoming procrastination and getting on with your life.

Continue reading "Are you a Procrastinator: Take the Procrastination Quiz"

Nov 15, 2022

Career Goal Setting - 5 Steps to Success

career goal setting

These 5 career goal setting steps can be the reason why one person loves their work and moves up in the business world and the other finds their work stressful and lacking purpose.

Continue reading "Career Goal Setting - 5 Steps to Success"

Nov 15, 2022

Procrastination Quotes to Motivate and Inspire

how to overcome procrastination

These inspirational procrastination quotes from authors, poets and motivational leaders, motivate and inspire you to get started and achieve your goals.

Continue reading "Procrastination Quotes to Motivate and Inspire"

Nov 09, 2022

A Procrastination Definition

procrastination definition

What is a good procrastination definition? Procrastinators often suffer – their happiness may be diminished, and their relationships can be strained.

Continue reading "A Procrastination Definition"

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