Daily meditation as a time management tool

by Pani

Time management is crucial to my business and overall productivity. One of the biggest time-wasters for me was a lack of focus.

I would jump from task to task, never really focusing on what I had to do.

Now I have started to do daily meditation. 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there and I have found that I am better able to manage my stress and increase my focus on what I have to do.

I have found daily meditation has greatly increased my focus and overall time management.


Kell's reply: Thanks for this great time management tip. There is a long history of bright business people burning out and the main consequence of this is not having adequate rest.

If you look at the top athletes or business people in the world they build in rest and recuperation into their daily schedule.

For example, if you look at the heart rates of top tennis players - the really top I am talking about - they are able to drop their heart rates significantly as they walk back to the baseline and prepare for the next point.

It is similar in the business world.

If we run a marathon as a series of 100m sprints without adequate rest in between then we will burn out.

Meditation or any other activity that you rests and relaxes you throughout the day is an important step to remain focused on the tasks when doing them.

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