Free GTD Software to Organize Your Tasks and Projects

GTD software is inspired by David Allen's best-selling book 'Getting Things Done'.  If you are looking for a system that gets everything our of your head an into a central location then GTD is for you.

There are plenty of free GTD apps on the market, from IGTD, Chandler, Todoist, and WhatsNext; but for me it was important to choose one that 

  • did what most GTD systems do - it captured my tasks in a trusted place
  • allowed me to communicate with my team through tasks and projects
  • synced to a wide variety of applications across different platforms. Which meant my team and I were on the same page.

I road-tested a number of software and the one I liked the most was Nozbe.


1. GTD software captured all my tasks in one place

When using Nozbe, I was able to get all of my tasks out of my head and into one system. I was able to group these tasks by project and context.

I was also able to seamlessly break my bigger projects into next logical steps - which saw some increased momentum on stuff that I had a habit of procrastinating on. In short, I was able to

  • process my tasks
  • work on documents
  • schedule appointments
  • share and delegate work to my team.

I was also able to develop contexts (such as a place or tool e.g. office, home, phone, computer) for the next actions. This dramatically increased my focus as it meant that when I was in that context I knew exactly what to do.

The combination of project and context for my tasks dramatically increased my productivity and focus because:

GTD software
  • the system captured all the tasks in my head into a trusted system
  • the system instilled structure into my lifestyle through the context/project-based tasks,
  • I no longer felt overwhelmed and out of control.

The software gave me a sense of control over my workday and tasks.

2. My team and I were on the same page with this software

With Nozbe I was able to share projects/tasks across the team. I was able to delegate tasks to my team (making these tasks their next actions) and track them to completion with this software.

What was really useful though was that the team was able to make comments on each of the tasks.

What this meant was that rather than endless emails being sent around the team (which previously wasted much time), the entire team was on the same page for the next logical actions.

GTD software

3. The GTD software synced across a number of apps and platforms

When looking for which software suits your needs also look at the computer in which you are going to manage your tasks.

Does the software match your operating system?

Are you working from remote locations or do you work from home and the office?

GTD or task management software that is web-based can mean that you work from multiple locations with ease. 

If you choose not to use a web-based GTD system then make sure that your software can be easily synchronized. This is a cause of major GTD headaches.

Personally, I like to use my iPhone to access my GTD system from a web-browser that supports my software. You may prefer to access your GTD with a laptop and wireless modem or through a USB into your laptop?

Whichever way you want to access your GTD or task management software outside of the office is worth investigating.

Nozbe does these things.

I have found Nozbe is an easy-to-use GTD program to capture all my tasks lists in one spot.

And you can use Nozbe for free!

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If you are interested in Getting Things Done then visit David Allen at his website.

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