How can different strategies for time management be used to reduce stress.


Hi, I am interested in how different time management strategies reduce stress.

Can anyone give me a logical explanation pls?

Kell's response

Feeling pressured by a lack of time is one of the biggest causes of stress.

When pulled in different directions with competing responsibilities, or constantly putting out fires as you jump from crisis to crisis, is a sure-fire way to increase stress.

Similarly, there has been plenty of research that shows that stress leads to poor health, and this poor health further increases stress.

So it is possible to be in an increasing cycle of stress.

To break this cycle of stress there are plenty of things that you can do. First you could do relaxation exercises that directly oppose the stress response with the relaxation response....

...but I digress as your question was about time management strategies.

What time management strategies do is provide you with a plan.

This plan needs to have a long term vision and then brought down into a weekly time management schedule.

This plan, even if you don't stick to it, gives you a greater sense of control...which reduces stress.

Also good time management focuses you on your most important tasks....which avoids these important tasks becoming urgent...another recipe for increased stress.

There are plenty of time management strategies that you could use. I talk about different time management strategies here. Similarly you could use the Franklin Covey time management system.

All the best,


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