Kimberley Hannagan

A natural people person, Kimberley is a lively facilitator, mediator and coach who brings to her work her passion for enabling people to get the best out of life by pursuing what is most important for them. This is her motivation in the field of Time Management.

She has found herself in boardrooms building approaches with CEOs and leadership teams, on the road with sales people, on site in manufacturing environments or even driving into country towns to deliver workshops to local communities. She is nothing if not adaptable. 

Perhaps this adaptability comes from her experience negotiating and building agreements - encouraging people towards positive outcomes.   Enabling people to change habits requires finesse and an ability to discern when to encourage, when to push and when to hold back. One of Kimberley’s great strengths lies is in this ability - to remain authentic while being able to vary her style to meet clients’ needs and comfort levels. She is also highly sensitive to the cultural aspects of communication that can make or break any learning experience.

Kimberley works on international Leadership programs and guest lectures on MBA and Post Graduate Law programs. She is an associate of Cranfield University UK, one of the top 10 business schools worldwide for customized executive development. Her expertise has been honed in the Banking and Finance industry, with Lawyers, and working with Federal, State and Local Government. She has also worked in Pharmaceutical/Biomedical contexts, Hospitality settings, with Aged Care workers, in the IT and Oil and Gas industries, with Property Developers, Architects, Engineers and in Tourism amongst others.

Kimberley is a strong advocate for building positive workplace culture, transparent and principled communications and robust, ethical process as the road to success - in short for treating people like people. As a former student and instructor of Drama and Performance she is keenly aware of making learning experiential and alive.

Alongside Time Management Kimberley’s other areas of expertise and experience cover leadership, mindfulness, resilience, strategy facilitation, communication and conflict management.

Some nice stuff people have said about Kimberley...

Brilliant left field perspectives. Opens you up to the blind spaces.

Lots of energy and you can’t help feeling very positive around her.

Very warm, thoughtful, offered excellent counsel on a number of complex issues. Connected very well. Insightful.

 So open and friendly - more than anyone created a comfortable and safe environment. Also really plays the role well of pushing everyone out of our comfort zones. Fantastic.

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