Learn to Say "No"

by Jess

Learn to say "No" to achieve work life balance.

I used to take on too many jobs. Jobs that weren't related to my job role or to my most important tasks.

I was helping other people to achieve their work goals but found that I was staying back late at night and not seeing my family enough.

It was a stressful time for me.

I found it really difficult to say "No" to people. I used to feel guilty about saying "No" but now I find it quite empowering.

It also means that I can concentrate on my job rather and get home to see my family.


Kell's reply Well done Jess on learning to say No.

It is initially very difficult for two main reasons.

One reason is that we like to maintain relationships and that we feel that saying No can damage these relationships.

The second reason is that we like to see ourselves as the go-to person to get things done.

While both noble traits, the problem with not saying No is that you can become overwhelmed with other people's priorities - not your own.

As a result you won't get your own stuff done and work life balance is likely to suffer.

One idea that has helped many of my clients to say No is to put it back onto the requester/boss.

By doing short-term planning at the weekly level with a time management schedule you can show your boss just how committed you are.

Also point out what you would like your boss to drop if you say Yes to the thing they are asking you to do.

By having a clear idea of how you are planning to use your time your boss now has to make a decision around the priority of this against those that you are defending with your schedule.

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