Manage yourself for good time management

by saghir ahmed
(Mirpurkhas PAKISTAN)

One cannot manage the time.

However, one can manage himself. To manage himself/herself there are certain principles which can be adopted.

Some of these include:

  • determination,

  • self confidence,

  • hard working,

  • self motivation,

  • dedication,

  • loyalty,

  • self commitment,

  • truthfulness,

  • positive attitude, and

  • self assessment.

If someone strictly owns all these, time can be managed very well.

Yuriy Mizyuk’s Reply: Most important is the desire to be organized, to know what you want to achieve in life.

Kell’s Reply: Thank you for your great insights.

Time management is indeed an oxymoron. Regardless of who we are, we can’t truly manage time as it moves hour by hour into the future. We can only manage ourselves in relation to time.

If we manage ourselves in relation to time well then we can get those strengths (truthfulness, loyalty, positive attitude, dedication and all the other noble characteristics that you mentioned) onto the table.

In my work as a time management consultant I firmly believe that managing ourselves in relation to time results in less stress and more satisfaction as we spend more time on those things that are important to us.

It is less about doing things quickly and more about ensuring that we are spending time on those things that are most important to us.

For example, efficiency without effectiveness is akin to “climbing a ladder only to reach the top and realize that the ladder is leading up against the wrong building”

Good time management in the workplace and in life involves both efficiency and effectiveness – an interplay of “doing things right” and “doing the right things”.

So being organized is important but ensuring that you are spending your time on the high impact things (those things that drive your performance at work, your friends, your family, your hobbies) is also critically important.

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