Pomodoro time management system increased my time management skills

by Bob the expat
(India )

The Pomodoro time management system increased my focus and efficiency.

By breaking my projects into tasks I was able to set more achievable and smaller tasks.

I found that when I divided my workload into small bite sized chunks using the Pomodoro time management tool that I was able increase my efficiency.


I created a sense of urgency. Since I only had 25 minutes to finish a task it created a sense of urgency.

In other words this time management tool meant that I worked harder so that I could finish the task before the 25 minutes was up.

Initially I found it quite difficult to set 25 minute tasks but I have found that with about a week of using this time management system that I have got very good at breaking my workload into smaller pieces.

I also became aware of my distractions - email, facebook, work colleagues....

Each time I was distracted I marked down the distraction.

This alone increased my focus 10 fold.

Overall I found that using the Pomodoro time management tool was initially quite stressful but the gains in efficiency and focus have been amazing.

After a week it is not stressful at all. In fact I am enjoying how much I can get done with this new time management technique.


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