Practice the pareto rule

by Chrissy

Practice the Pareto rule! I love your website and I also work as a time management consultant in the States.

For most of my clients that I've worked with and all the workshops that I run, I would say that while most people know what the Pareto rule is probably 99.5% of the people haven't used it at all in the last month.

This is a critically important to time management.

You might think you know the 80-20 rule but now let me ask you how many times have used the 80/20 rule today?

How many times have used in this week?

How many times in the last month?

The key to working less hours and being more productive is to find the 20% of tasks that generate your 80% of performance.

This gives you the biggest impact.

Kind regards,


Kell’s reply Thanks so much Chrissy for the feedback.

It means so much to get feedback from others that like the site – it is my passion and spurs me on to write more content.

I couldn’t agree with you more on the Pareto rule and its lack of implementation in the area of work and life in general.

Yesterday I was working with an Executive of a big company who said “You know Kell, I always get pulled into low value reactive tasks because they are the ones that are screaming to get done”.

This highlights the problem that many companies face and also the importance of having a schedule or plan that both protects ensures that you get your high impact activities done that really drive your long term performance.

It is not easy to live the Pareto way.

It is not easy to focus on those few activities that give us the greatest return for our time.
Here we talk more about the Pareto principle

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