Procrastination activity to increase your sense of urgency

by Jerry

Here is a time management activity that I recently picked up from a time management seminar to reduce procrastination.

If you are looking to remain focused on your top priority, try out this procrastination strategy.

First identify your prime time. Your prime time is when you think that you are at your most productive. The time management consultant said that this was most likely in the morning before lunch.

Second, keep that time free for yourself. Make an appointment with yourself if you have to! The time management consultant said that when you make that appointment with yourself you are to respect it as though it was an appointment with your most important customer. In other words, don't answer the phone, email, or accept interruptions.

Thirdly, set small deadlines for your tasks. These deadlines need to be observable actions.
Fourth, reward yourself for achieving each milestone. This may be as simple as a pat on the back to yourself, a 5 minute rest, or some other intrinsic reward.

Lastly the time management consultant said to increase focus for small periods by practicing the Pomodoro time management technique.

Kell’s reply
Thank you Jerry for your tips on beating procrastination.

I love the idea of doing the most important things when you are most alert. It makes sense that we should do those things that are most important to us when we are at our best. It is not optimal to do the important project, meeting the important customer etc, if we are half asleep after a long lunch.

Another thing that I would add is to plan at the weekly level and protect your big rocks in advance.

Here is a weekly planner tool and this time management article explains the big rock story and the importance of protecting your time for what matters most.

All the best,

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