Procrastination Tip

by Jeni

Okay. So I'm a self-proclaimed procrastinator - and I'm quite proud of it. Unfortunately, I'm not as proud with the results.

I do procrastinate all the time! I put off studying, assignments and sometimes even rising up from my bed or, believe it or not, eating!

Actually, I am currently a student assistant in our college. I've wasted 3 months of my supposedly 5-month working period. I was supposed to start last November and end on March this year. But i just started working last February 1.

My usual excuses were: oh! I have an important assignment! I won't report today (then I went home and straight to my bed); God, I'm dead tired. I can't make it; wait! I'll watch a movie first! I'll report next time.

That went on for months. Then one day, snap! January 30, I started thinking, "what am i doing?" I mean I DID apply for that job then here I am just plain wasting it away?

So what I did was I tore a leaf from my notebook, took a pen and a highlighter and started scolding myself. this is the exact words i wrote (it's mostly in HILIGAYNON dialect, sorry):


Indi na magtinamad!
~Additional KWARTA!
~Ginapangita ka na ni sir ike!
~That's your duty as a student assistant!

GO! GO! GO! <3"

Okay, so I wrote that and the day after, I forced myself (laboriously for that matter) to fix myself and report at the division I'm assigned to. *haha* guess what? I'm successfully reporting for two days now. I honestly don't know if this will last, but I do hope I have enough determination to continue the change i have started.

I'm still a procrastinator though. I'm hoping to change little by little. It's a habit after all, and a really bad one. But I must admit, I did (and still do) enjoy it EVERYTIME I'm procrastinating. It's my addiction, but I'm starting to take remedies to combat that addiction! *hahaha* <3

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