Set up a family routine for good family time management

by John

For good family time management I have developed a family routine - which I break up into the morning, lunch, afternoon and evening.

For instance, my morning routine on school days is to drive the kids to school while my wife feeds and plays with our younger child.

My wife's routine during the day is to get some things done while the little one is asleep (if she goes to sleep!!!).

After work I generally come home and as the kids get back from school, the afternoon routine starts. I help the kids with homework and play with the little one, while my wife has a little rest.

Dinner plans dominate the evening routine. We usually have a chore schedule around this - in which we all participate.

I have found that this routine is really helpful for the family. Not only do each of us have a daily rhythm, it also helps the older kids to plan their time and makes the little one feel more secure and settled.

Thanks for your time management tips


Kell’s reply:
Thanks so much for you tips John.

Having a routine is essential to good time management – whether at work or at home.

I really like the idea of having your daily routine and knowing the general rhythm of your family.
This routine can extend from family planning, daily chores, to longer term family goals. I talk more about this at family time management.

Another useful tool for family time management is the delegation of tasks. While we are generally comfortable delegating to our family members, what I am talking about is getting outside help to mow the lawn, do the cooking, or any other part of the chore area that you don’t like or don’t have time for.

One of my good friends just had a baby and she is paying for a cleaner once a week who also does the washing and a person to come in a cook meals which then frozen. It has freed up her time to spend with her little baby.

Delegation of household chores can give you more time with your family

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