6 Stress Reduction Tips to Reduce Overwhelm

Stress reduction tips to get a handle on your stress and get more out of your day.

  • How do I manage the 120 -400 emails I receive every day?
  • How do I deal with the constant interruptions I get every day?
  • How do I build trust within our team and with our clients?
  • How do I focus in an open plan environment?
  • How do I stay mindful when I’m working in a busy, demanding environment?
  • How do we communicate efficiently and effectively?
  • How do we respond to the changing demands from technology?
stress reduction tips


The relationships between stress and anxiety and our ability to get things done is well documented. Sometimes just opening the inbox is enough to send adrenaline and cortisol shooting through your system.

Maybe your own personal Catch 22 looks like this:

Stress > Can’t Focus > Procrastination > More Stress……

Do you recognize these symptoms?

  • Can’t seem to remember instructions
  • Feeling there’s no point in starting 
  • Staring blankly at your computer screen
  • Playing a game or surfing the net and hating yourself for not getting stuff done
  • Compulsively checking Email, Facebook, Twitter

...just in case here are some options for you

stress relief tips

1. KaPow stress with the 5A Model

The 5A Model offers Stress Relief Tips to defog your brain for action. Follow the sequence of 5As to bring back the focus you require to stop your days slipping through your fingers. Read more...

stress symptoms

2. Identify your stress signature

Each of us has a stress signature. Knowing your physical and emotional symptoms of stress allows you to put into place effective stress management techniques...Read more...

causes of stress

3. Use CO-FRAMES to Understand Your Causes of Stress

When you are in a state of stress you don’t get things done, get even more anxious that you are not getting things done and wind up stuck in a no man’s land state where getting on top of things is impossible. Read more...

breathing exercises for quick stress relief

4. Right under your nose...a quick stress reduction tip

One of the most effective stress management techniques is right under your nose. Breathing exercises are a simple and effective way to deal with stress. Diaphragmatic breathing that activates the parasympathetic nervous system..Read more...

Stress and health...what's the connection?

5. Stress and Health...What's the Connection?

You may feel that stress just goes with the territory and that you can adapt to higher and higher stress levels. But you may be living with an unhealthy amount of stress! How does stress affects health?..Read more...

Stress and health...what's the connection?

6. Fight or Flight: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

In the fight or flight response our Pre-frontal cortex – the bit responsible for evaluating and inhibiting, strategizing and planning - is robbed of the very specific diet of neurochemicals it needs to be functional..Read more...

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