Time Management Exercise: How Much is Your Time Worth

This time management exercise tells you how much your time is worth? How much does procrastination cost you. Find out what the dollar gains are with this time management activity.

In time management workshops or seminars I often as what people think time is. Many respondents tell me that they think "time is money".

At Effective Time Management we think that time is more important than money.

You can't save it or invest it.

Unlike money, time is non-renewable - once gone you can't get it back.

time management information

But often viewing time as money can be helpful in making decisions.

These decisions could be the delegation of various jobs, the costs of procrastination or the dollar gains of employing various time management tools or techniques.

Time management exercise: Time equals money

While we think time is more important than money, lets say that "time is money" for this example.

Based on working 48 weeks a year (taking out vacations and holidays) for a 9-5 hour day (I have excluded a one hour lunch break in the figures below) - how much is your time worth?.

How Much is Your Time Worth

Net Yearly Salary













Net Hourly Rate













Rate per Minute













Now that you have an idea of how much your time is worth - you can put a value on the activities that you do.

Are there better ways to get a return on your investment of time?

Are those time wasters really that valuable?

What can you do to reduce time wasters and work more effectively.

Time management resources to save time and money

In the time management exercise above you have identified the value of time for you.

Often time management resources can be a good way to reap the benefits of time management.

Time management powerpoint presentations

Time management powerpoint presentations hold a wealth of time management information from definitions of time management to practical tips to work more effectively.

We spend alot of time going through the web to find the latest time management resources. Here are some of the time management powerpoint presentations that we found useful and "free" on the web.

Time management videos

What is time management and how can you get things done with less stress?

These are important questions and the influential speakers in these free time management videos give you their insights.

From David Allen to Brian Tracey, these time management experts and peak performance gurus give their time management ideas for stress-free productivity and success.

Time management sheets

At Effective Time Management we believe that successful time management comes from daily habits of success.

Time and again, in the years that we have worked in the area of time management we have found that putting pen to paper with these time management sheets are extremely beneficial.

The benefit of time management sheets are that they keep you focused on your top priorities and give you a feeling of control and mastery over your tasks.

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