A Time Management Definition

This time management definition means time management is more about self management. Our definition of time management highlights the importance of time management for your personal productivity.

In our time management seminars and workshops I often ask "What is time management?"

Many of the respondents tell us that they think time management is about getting organized and managing your To Do List.

But time management sheets, personal organizers, or time management systems are all time management tools.

time management definition

They increase your time management skills... BUT they don't get to the heart of an adequate time management definition.

A definition of time management is much more important than personal organizers and other time management tools.... Time Management is really about SELF Management or LIFE management.

A definition of time management

If you think about it, time is not manageable.

All of us, regardless of age, beauty or success, are allocated the same amount of time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In our time management presentations we often ask people the question: "What is time?"

They tell us that "time is change", "time is money" or that "time is constant".

Time management exercise: What is your time worth?

time management exercise How much is your time worth? Want to know how much procrastination costs you. What about failure to delegate?

This time management exercise puts a dollar cost on procrastination and other timewasters and gives you objective dollar gains on improving your time management.

Isaac Newton believed that time formed a container for the events that took place, with time being as real as the events that occurred.

On the other hand, Immanuel Kant believed that time was concept of the human mind, that structured and gave meaning to human experience.

Scientists such as Einstein described time as a fourth dimension, which was integral to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Whatever your idea of time is, what is noticeable is that people perceive time in a different way. This is called "lived time".

For example, perhaps when you are doing things that you enjoy you might comment "Time just seemed to fly".

But when you are doing something boring you might comment that "Time just seemed to drag on"

One of the responses that I like most to the question "what is time?" is "Time is life".

If we take that "Time is Life" then what we are really talking about is Life Management.

This raises the importance of time management.

A time management definition is more than setting “To Do lists”, it is about managing your life in the most effective manner possible.

If we waste time, then we are wasting our life!

At Effective Time Management Strategies, we believe that an adequate definition of time management is the ability to manage yourself within a given time.

Benefits of time management

Do you feel frazzled and worn out at the end of the day? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the tasks that you have to do?

If so, you are not alone.

There are many benefits of time management.

Better time management can improve your career prospects and chances of promotion, in your personal life you can spend more quality time with your family and friends, and overall you can experience less and be more productive.

Achieve the benefits of time management with the following time management resources

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