Time Management Information

There is a lot of time management information on the web but it can sometimes be hard to read and understand. Here we give you an overview of the important time management resources out there, in an easy to read format.

The time management information on this site has been reviewed and tested.

We use these time management resources ourselves and also with our clients.

This allows you to reap the benefits of tried-and-tested time management resources in less time.
time management information

The best-of-the-best time management information that we have collected makes this website a one-stop-shop to make significant changes in the use of your time.

Here we discuss the benefits of time management, exactly what time management is, and provide time management resources such as videos and time management powerpoint presentations.

Benefits of time management

Are you stressed out with too much to do and not enough time?

Do you feel frazzled and worn out at the end of the day?

Are you looking to spend more time at home, or just want to work more effectively?

The latest time management statistics illustrate what we have all been feeling!

Boosting your time management skills can give you the chance to make significant changes in your life.

Imagine stress-free productivity.

Knowing that you are doing the most important tasks in a planned manner, managing interruptions and working on your top priorities.

Having enough time to do the things that matter to you does not have to be a dream - you can make it a reality!

The benefits of time management can include working more effectively, getting promotions and earning more salary.

It may mean the difference between success or failure, it can help you to reduce stress and make big changes in your life.

What is time management?

Time management is more than simply using the latest time management tools or time management software.

Many people also believe that time management is about using the latest time management techniques.

These things are important and they can help you to boost your time management skills - but they are not time management.

In fact to answer the question "What is time management" requires a shift in focus.

Time management is an oxymoron - a contradiction in terms.

You cannot manage time!

Think about it - no matter what you do, time keeps on marching forward at 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day.

So what is time management? It is LIFE management or SELF management - in which you manage yourself and your tasks in relation to time.

This makes personal goal setting - a process which determines what is important to you and the priorities that you place on tasks - important for your personal time management.

Time management information and resources

If you feel overwhelmed, or pressured by time, time management information and time management resources can reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

These time management resources include time management templates, time management powerpoint presentation, videos of time management speakers, books on time management and plenty more.

Time management sheets

We believe that time management activities and worksheets are the one of the best ways to increase your time management skills and take control.

The time management sheets on this site has been reviewed and used by many of our clients.

So you benefit from our experience by using tried-and-tested time management material that can save you time.

Time management powerpoint presentations

Are you looking for conscise and practical time management powerpoint presentations.

We spend alot of time collecting the lastest time management information that we use in our own time management presentations and share with clients.

These are what we think are some good time management powerpoint presentations on the web today.

Time management videos

It is said that a picture equals a thousand words. It could also be said that a video equals a thousand pictures.

These time management videos includes some of the most influential speakers on time management, personal productivity and peak performance.

Speakers from David Allen of 'Getting Things Done' to Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch discuss how to get the most out of time and the importance working your priorities.

They provide time management tips to get things done, and sound practical time management advice that is based on solid time management principles.

Time management exercise

In our time management workshops we have asked clients "what is the value of time". Many respond that "time is money"!

Our view at Effective Time Management is that time is more important than money. It can't be saved or invested, or replenished for a later date.

Once gone it is gone forever.

However, it is often very useful to equate time with money.

This time management exercise tells you what your time is worth which helps you make decisions about delegation, or provides you with objective information on how much some of your timewasters are costing you.

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