Time management log - just wondering

I see that you use a time management log.

I've always wondered how you fill out these time management logs when you are doing two things at once.

For example, reading a book while traveling by train to work.

Any ideas?

Kell's response

Hi there,

For a time management log, when I am multi-tasking I always find it beneficial to put the main activity down and then in the comments note that you were multitasking.

This is one reason why I have a time management log with comments - as the comments provides me with an almost self-correcting commentary on how I can improve my use of time.

While a time management log is a great way to understand how you use your time it is IMPORTANT that you use the data that it gives you.

For example, a good time management activity is to track your time for up to five days and then analyze how much time is proactive time, how much time is reactive time, and how much time is in crises mode. The more time you can spend on high impact activities which are not due NOW (read = stress) the more likely you will be in proactive (or personal leadership mode).

Proactive (or personal leadership mode) is when you are focused on activities that are high impact and you are doing with a sense of being in control. Some activities might be relationship building, IT maintenance, strategy, planning, and/or learning to name a few.

See these time management activities for ways to get things done with less stress and more effectiveness.

All the best,

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