Time management problems and the time management matrix

by Joel

I have time management problems and was wondering how the time management matrix could provide me with help?

I find that I am spending too much time in quadrant 3 and 4.

Because of this, most of the stuff that I end up doing is in quadrant 1 - which is stressful.

Kell's reply: Hi Joel, it is great that you know how you are roughly spending your time, so now it is about making the time management matrix work for you.

Basically your time management problems are because of everything is being done in crises mode. How stressful!!

Joel, this is the symptom of your time management problem.

You correctly identify the cause of your time management problem which is spending too much time in quadrant 3 and 4.

The key to solving your time management problem is below:

time management matrix

Let's start with the end goal first.

From a time management point of view, you want to spend most of our time in Quadrant 2, proactively pursuing those things that are important.

What activities do you do that fall in Quadrant 2?

These are tasks that are important but not urgent.

They are prevention-related activities, such as computer maintenance, relationship building, strategic planning such as training and goal setting, recognizing new opportunities, and true relaxation and recuperation activities.

By doing these important tasks in Quadrant 2 of the time management matrix, you are able to devote the time that is needed before they become urgent.

Because these tasks are important they don't go away. This means that if they aren't done then they become crises (important and urgent).

This is where you are now Joel and this is stressful!!!

To spend more time in quadrant 2 you need to firstly do these time management exercises and use this weekly planner tool

This will increase proactive time.

However, often urgent things crowd out the important things – it happens easily and results in stress and ineffective use of time.

So, you need to reduce the time in quadrant 3 and 4. This is done by learning to say No, delegating low value work, and ensuring that you are not wasting time on things that are not important and not urgent (e.g. quadrant 4).

I talk more about this at the time management matrix.

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