Too much clutter - is driving me crazy

by Jarod

Dear sir,

I have so much clutter that I don't know what to do.

I want to clear the clutter because I just can't find anything in my home and it is stressing me out.

I want to set a time to clean, but I am not sure if it will take me a week or a year?

I guess my question is where do I start - I have soooooo much stuff!!!



Sheana's reply:


I have just read your message about your clutter problem. I, too, have way too much stuff.

I have been reading that the best way to clear the clutter is to start "small".

I know that when I am too enthusiastic, I burn myself out and not much gets done so I am just going to start small until all the clutter is gone.

Good luck with yours.


Kell's reply:

Clutter mountains are best dealt with using the F.A.S.T principle.

Jarod and Sheana, I suggest that you:

(F) Fix a time to get rid of your clutter. Sure you might not get through all of it in that time, but ensure that you fix a time and stick to it.

(A) Anything not used recently. Whether it is mountains of papers or overflowing drawers ask yourself if you will use it again? You will most likely repond "Maybe" so be ruthless and ask the question "What is the worst that can happen if I toss it?". "When was the last time I used it?"

(S) Does the clutter belong to somebody else? If so, the children still have their stuff at home and they moved out years ago, then it is time to make the call.

(T)In the decluttering session the trash can is your best friend!

For more on this acronym check out declutter

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