Trying to do it all

About two years ago, I had a couple of drastic changes. I was working as a substitute teacher. I applied to college to go back to school to finish my degree. I was accepted into college and started attending school full time on December 1. The next month, a full time teaching position became available and I applied for it. To my amazement I got the job. So now, I work 40 hours per week and I attend college full time. I have been fairly on top of things until now. I have taken 12 credit hours every semester for the past two years. Now this semester, I have to pull in 18 credit hours in order to begin demonstration teaching in the fall. I have devoted every Saturday to college work and laundry. Since I do not work on Mondays, I have devoted Mondays to college work and laundry. The problem is that now I have started going into a secondary school in order to do observations on Mondays. So I have lost the Mondays that I have had the last two years. This is the reason for my visits to your website. Since I have lost time on Mondays, and I have more to do, I need help with time management techniques that can be applied to my life. I fully believe that Sunday should be a day of rest, face it, we all need a day every week to just rest. I refuse to give up my Sundays, but I have to reach my goal of completing 18 credit hours this semester.

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