Uses of a time management log

by Kell

A time management log encourages you to log your time and analyze it.

Just by doing these two things you are more likely to heighten your awareness of your time-wasters and self-correct.

However, this is not guaranteed for change!

As for any plan of change, it is necessary to not only write down your plans for change but to act on them.

How can you do this!

First, it is important to understand the 'Why' before the 'Do' of the action.

Some of the more common issues that a time management log identifies are:

  • Putting things off. If procrastination is something that you want to overcome, then these clear steps to overcome procrastination may be helpful
  • Problems with delegating. Delegation is probably one of the most talked about yet under-utilized time management skills.

    If you want to delegate more...but find that you keep saying "Yes, but..." then these effective steps to delegation of work may be helpful

  • Unclear priorities. If your time management worksheet shows that unclear priorities are a concern for you then a personal goal setting plan that links into your time management priorities can improve your time management skills.

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