using the time management matrix to reduce stress and overwhelm

by Bob

Your article on the time management matrix really showed me how spending time in quadrant 1 can be stressful.

I can see that spending time in the bottom 2 quadrants of the matrix can mean frustration and stress. Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to use the time matrix to get to the right quadrants. Do you have any more information on how to spend more time in quadrant 2?


Kell's reply:
Thanks for your post Bob.

I hope you liked the way that I framed

  • the causes of time management problems (down in quadrants 3 and 4),

  • the symptoms of time management problems - i.e. stress and overwhelm - which means a fair amount of time in quadrant 1, and

  • the cure of time management problems

Using the time management matrix (also known as the Eisenhower matrix) as a cure involves getting more time in quadrant 2. This can be done a few ways:

  1. Set goals I know it sounds cliché but if you don't know your direction then it is hard to know how to prioritize. Here are five steps to set and achieve your goals.

  2. Plan at the weekly level. Setting a target with goals is good but setting a schedule (in addition) is better. Building an operating rhythm. This weekly planner tool and ensure that you put in place these tips on developing an effective schedule around those things that matter most to you.

  3. Know your time-wasters. Track your time with a time management log and get objective about how you are using your time – so that you can spend less time in quadrant 3 and 4, and more in quadrant 2.

  4. Use time management systems. Time management is about managing yourself in relation to time. These proven time management systems effective habits of success.

  5. Practice delegation. One of the most talked about yet underutilized time management skills is delegation. Delegating effectively can train the people around you, boost morale and free up your time for more Quadrant 2 activities. Learn how to delegate effectively.

I hope that this information helps Bob

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