What is your time management goal?

by Danny

I have found that it is very useful for me to write down my time management goal.

This time management goal needs to be specific. For example "I want to work 45 hours per week."

While there might be times I work more, it was important for me to recognize that this was an average.

I have found that once I write down my time management goal it becomes much easier for me to work out how to cut things, delegate them, or where I can become more efficient.

Kell’s reply Thanks so much for that Danny.
Writing down a time management goal to cut your work hours to 45 hours per week is a great way to force yourself to look for ways that you can delegate, prioritize, or streamline.

I was working with a business professional last month who was checking her email way too much….almost to the point that when an email came in she would drop everything and check it.

Her manager was getting frustrated that she was not completing her reports, or thinking deeply about her priorities – and she put it down to checking emails too often.

We set a time management goal for her to reduce the number of times she would check her email per day.

Initially she was checking about 100 times a day.

We turned off her alerts and then she had to mark down each time she checked her email.

What happened was that the simple self-monitoring of checking her email actually reduced the number of times she checked.

She is currently checking her email 10 times a day now – a massive improvement for her.

She feels she has more focus on her priorities – which is a good thing.

By setting a time management goal you actively search for ways to achieve your goal.

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