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Work Smarter #41: Six Ways to Get More Done Each Day
April 12, 2011

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Hi, Kell here!

Welcome to the Work Smarter Not Harder Newsletter #41.

Who doesn't need more time? When you really consider this though, everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Why then do some accomplish far more than others?

That is what we are going to look at here.

How do you get more done within a day when you seem stretched beyond what you think is possible?

Here we provide you with six ways to get more things done each day.

1. Work harder and faster

One of the first things that seems obvious is to work harder and faster.

When you are asked how things are going and you respond with a comment something like "I am so busy!" you need to really look at how hard you are actually working.

Are you really working hard, or just shuffling things around and thinking you are having a hard time getting it all done? Start focusing on what you are accomplishing and you will be surprised at how much time you are actually working when you compare it to how much time it really took.

Something that took you 4 hours to do may have been accomplished in 2 hours if you would work harder and faster.

Download free time tracking software or use a time management log to find out how you are really spending your time and identify ways to increase productivity.

2. Batch like with like

If you need to, make a list of everything you need to accomplish in a day.

Batch the tasks and get organized to maximize your efforts.

For example, if you have to do banking, shopping, pick up meds, go to the gym, meet with your friend for lunch, a suggestion is to look at where the locations are and plan so you make a direct flowing progress through this agenda. Don't zigzag all over the town and waste time, gas and energy.

Similarly if you have to check email or make phone calls, set aside 30 minutes each day to do these tasks. These email etiquette tips save you time on the job.

3. Prioritize ruthlessly

Do things in the order of importance.

If you are pressed for time, it just makes sense to prioritize your jobs.

Some things can be put off for a day or 2 but you must get some things done.

Do them first if at all possible!

It is important to make time for your most important tasks when you are most alert.

Resources to enable you to prioritize more effectively include:

4. Do what you are good at

When you make a list of tasks to do and prioritize them, the next step is to then decide which ones suit your skill levels the best.

If you have two tasks with the same priority you will get more done if you choose what best suits your skills and you will be happier because as you do what you are the best at first.

As you physically see your list being checked off, this in turn will help your motivation to get the next task done.

You build momentum!

5. Develop your focus

Concentrate at what you are doing and focus.

This will have the effect of you reducing your mistakes and that results in less "re-do" time.

If you need to do something then make the effort to do it well so you only do it once. Nothing is quite as frustrating as thinking something is finished only to find that you now have to squeeze in time to make corrections or do things over again.

We find that developing a time management schedule that 'blocks your time' each day for important tasks is an effective way to go.

6. Simplify your world

You can just simplify your world. Whether it is getting rid of clutter with these organizing tips or focusing on what is important for you through personal goal setting, simplifying your world will reduce stress.

Set time limits on things so you have not only written it down, but you have set attainable goals for yourself.

Don't leave things to the last minute.

Sometimes things crop up or life has a way of throwing us curves but learn to take unexpected changes in your stride. Relax.

You may be busy, but you don't have to allow yourself to get really stressed out.

This may sound silly, but make a list and check it twice...have it prioritized and have set goals.

You will be much happier in the end and very proud of yourself for all you really can accomplish in a day!


Here we have provided six ways to get more done each day. While these time management techniques may sound easy they are harder to put into practice.

Changing a habit is hard to do and requires conscious directed effort. Remember the motto "progress not perfection" is what you are after.

Please let us know your comments, views or feedback so that we can improve our site for our most valuable resource


All the best,

Dr Kell and the team at Effective Time Management Strategies.
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