An email tip for time management

by Jackie R

I organize all my email into folders, and if the message needs some sort of action I put it into my To do list.

I basically take action on the email as soon as I read it. It goes into a folder (or is printed out for reference), is replied to, or I put it into my To do list.

I like some of your time management tips. Cheers Jackie R

Kell's reply: Thanks for the feedback Jackie. I really like your email tip for organizing folders and having the "touch email once" policy.

So much of our work comes through email these days. In fact, email is beginning to dwarf other forms of communication, with people spending up to 2 hours a day reading and replying to emails.

This makes it doubly important to have a good workflow habit around emails otherwise you will be swamped by emails and feel stressed wna overwhelmed.

Another good email tip is to schedule time to check emails. In most workplaces I visit I find that the Inbox is the default screen for most workers.

It is better to adopt a calendar centered logic or turn the email off completely - and check up to three times a day.

This will be difficult at first, but like any habit it gets easier over time.

With an 84% increase in legitimate and spam email predicted on a yearly basis, having a framework for email management is essential for good productivity.

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