Free Time Management Tips

Work Smarter, Not Harder with these free time management tips to hack productivity

It is so annoying when you have a clear idea of what’s important to you that all the other things just don’t disappear. Fielding emails, managing conflicts, constant interruptions, daily living requirements – all these things and many others get in the way of doing what is most important.

free time management tips


There are really 2 types of activities that take you off your game.

  1. The onslaught of information and incoming communications 
  2. Up and coming important priorities 

Try these free time management tips to deal with these two insidious opponents.

1. How to deal with the onslaught of incoming information and communication

The onslaught of information and incoming communications we encounter today is unprecedented.

Not only are we expected to

  • do our work, 
  • have successful relationships, 
  • be financially secure, 
  • adopt healthy lifestyles and 
  • be across the latest news… seems we also have to maintain a handle on our online presence, be on top of the latest info and manage a plethora of tasks that bombard what can feel like our every moment.

Having a robust 12 weekly plan that outlines the goals we really want is our defence from allowing all the small stuff to derail our achievement.

There are a few key behaviors that keep you on track as reality hits your goal plans.

  • Spend time on big ticket items first 
  • If you have allocated time to doing something, don’t give that time away easily
  • Weigh up the value of incoming time requests – does it really compete with what you have already planned to do? Acknowledge the impact of taking on something new when you have already measured the time you need for your important goals
  • Remember that apologizing for letting people down when you don’t finish things sucks!
  • Use the early part of your day to do things that require your concentration and attention. Completing a commitment, rather than putting it off because it’s a bit hard, feels great and brightens your attitude to the whole day....Besides it’s not going to get any better as you get more tired as the day wears on.

2. How to deal with up-and-coming important priorities

Up and coming important priorities cloud our ability to focus on the vital few goals of the present.

While best practice suggests we prioritize 1-3 goals in a given period, the reality might be that 20 requirements are competing for our time and attention.

Some of these can be great opportunities or compulsory activities that can’t be avoided.

Using a task app or calendar function enables you to keep a handle on the many other avenues of your life. 

Prioritising your 1-3 remains key but your peace of mind depends on knowing that you are also keeping on top of your other demands. Some key behaviours include:

  • Use your 90 day plan to agree realistic time-frames up front – that way as demands come your way you can set expectations for completion that are doable.
  • Never forget anything by keeping a task list with start dates – don’t overtax your memory and chew up valuable brain power trying to remember.
  • At the outset of each quarter, analyse and allocate the amount of time that you will need to dedicate to activities other than your 3 highest priorities. Calendar it and commit accordingly.
  • Develop great ways of saying no that connect you and others to your prior commitments.
  • Keep your values at the forefront of your decisions and be prepared to regularly reassess your situation to ensure your top 3 are still your top 3 priorities.

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