4 Goal Setting Forms

These four goal setting forms give you to the tools to set and achieve goals. When I work with clients on goal setting often the biggest mistake they make is not writing down the goals and the steps to achieving them.

goal setting forms

These 4 forms:

  1. Rank and prioritize your goals
  2. Ensure the underlying values are aligned with your goals and that you develop 5 supporting actions
  3. Give you the tools to set short-term goals that are aligned with your long-term goals
  4. Set SMART goals which give you the greatest chance of goal setting success.

Goal setting forms to rank and prioritize your goals

I was working with an executive last week who have achieved what many of us consider success - yet he was in tears!

He had a big home, financial independence, and was at the pinnacle of his profession. 

goal setting forms

However, he was in tears!

He had tears of regret because he had not watched his children grow up and the that he had worked to much at the expense of spending time with his family and friends.

He confided in me that if he could do it all over, he would choose to not have his family, friends, and personal hobbies not take a back seat.

This form gets you to rank your goals so that you get your highest return for your time.

Download this goal setting sheet and rank your most important life areas (PDF file).

Why is this useful?

Setting too many goals spreads you too thin...such that you are unlikely to achieve them all.

It is better to focus on the most important areas in your life. 

Weaving a life aligned with your values

One of the most tried-and-tested goal setting strategies is to identify your value or intention and then write a goal that reflects this value or intention.

Aligning each long-term goal with the underlying value means you are more likely to achieve your goal. The five actions identify the next steps to enable you to achieve this goal.

Use this 1:1: 5 goal setting form to:

  • identify one value, 
  • list one goal that is underpinned by this value
  • generate supporting actions for this goal.

Download this 1:1:5 goal setting worksheet (PDF file).

A good goal setting tip is to try to commit yourself to these smaller actions by scheduling them into your calendar.

The staircase approach to achieving your goals

If you were to visualize a staircase, the top of the staircase is the long-term goal and each step a short-term goal. Each short-term goal moves you a step closer to your long-term goals.

Download this goal setting PDF form and break your long-term goal to short-term goals (PDF file).

Why is this form useful?

Developing a goal setting plan is like creating a blueprint for success. Having a blueprint for setting and achieving goals requires that you identify the different action steps to achieve your goals.

Each action step towards your long-term goals is the achievement of a short-term goal. I talk more about setting short-term goals and provide a template that you can download at goal setting templates.

SMART goal setting form 

By now you have identified the actions to achieve your long-term goals. Each action can be considered a short-term goal - and by achieving your short-term goals you move a step up the ladder to your long-term goal.

You can triple your chances of achieving goal setting success is setting SMART goals. SMART goals is an acronym for:



Action orientated


Time bound

Download this SMART goal setting form (PDF file).

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