Start Your Day Effectively - How To Get Up Early

by Amber Smith
(New York)

Get up Early

Get up Early

Time management is a key to success. I have learned from my own experience that it is essential to organize your day wisely and stick to the plan.
amber smith
Success allows no excuses.

But how often do we justify not being able to wake up on time?

I was really good in making up excuses for that. I believed that if I pushed a snooze button instead of waking up when an alarm clock rang nothing bad and irrecoverable would happen.

Then I ended up being always late to work, drinking my morning coffee on my way to the office and hoping that I still could make it there earlier than my boss. But it didn’t always work out as I hoped.

To tell you the truth, sometimes I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even have time to brush my teeth.

One day a friend of mine told me that effective time management is more than just planning your day in a detailed manner and always following this plan, he told me that it starts with the morning.

Perfectly planned day starts as soon as your alarm clock rings, and there is no place for excuses. That’s how I got interested in all the waking up early matter.

My goal was to become an early riser.

Since I was a hopeless night owl it took me around six months of effort and commitment to achieve my goal.

I have studied tons of literature and a decent amount of forums, experimented with various tips, tried different products that claimed to help me wake up early with no problem at all.

And here is what I have discovered - a good night sleep and right morning routine can make the difference.

To have a good night sleep you need to create a sleep environment needed for a quality sleep.

Your bed should be comfortable, and your bedroom should be dark and cool. That is exactly what your body needs to get the proper rest.

Then you need to choose the right alarm clock. The perfect alarm clock is an alarm clock that doesn’t have a snooze button.

Also, in case you are a heavy sleeper, there are a lot of alarm clocks designed specially for you, extra-loud and 100% effective. So, what really works for me is avoiding the snooze button, and, instead of those extra minutes of sleep that it can give you, I take a contrast shower.

It is the best way to start your day.

It awakes your body and mind, speeds up the blood circulation, and your brain works better.

I find coffee to be very helpful too, but it has a tricky part, all the caffeine products must be consumed before noon, or you will end up being unable to fall asleep at night. I have got a coffee machine that has a timer option on it, so I set it the way, that when I get out of the shower, my fresh made morning coffee is waiting for me in the kitchen.

All together, my morning routine gives me energy boost for the rest of the day and makes me productive all day long. Now I am the first one to arrive at the office, I am not stuck in the morning traffic jams anymore, I get to the office earlier than my boss and frenemies, and, finally, I have time to get ready to all the meeting planned during the day.

If you want to succeed in whatever you are doing, you need to be persistent and never give up. So, get up early in the morning not to miss any opportunity that a new day has to offer.

amber smith This Article was written by Amber Smith, Amber is a time management expert and Runs the site How to Get Up Early. The site is about helping people to get up early and be more productive by sharing original tips and innovative products.

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