Time management tips after going to a time management workshop

by Murray

I have just completed a day long time management workshop and here are some of the time management tips they gave us:

Plan your day or week.

This involves using a personal organizer or at its most simplest writing a daily a to-do list. Write down all the tasks that you have to do today and then prioritize them in order of priority.

Then start with that task that is the highest priority.

Also see if you can designate how much time each task will take and put it into your time management schedule.

Take a break

Rarely is the best work done when tired and fatigued. Take regular breaks and relax and recuperate.

This energizes you to perform better at work.

Be effective in your time usage

First if you don't know how you spend your time then do some form of time tracking. They gave us a sheet called a time management log.

This was useful to see how I spent my time.

Secondly, spend your time wisely. They gave some practical tips like don't check your email all the time but rather schedule times throughout the day. Also touch items once and make a decision about when you are going to do the task.

Get organized Organizing tips around how to organize your desk and files were useful. They gave the time management statistics that people spend between 15-45 minutes a day searching for things they have lost - this really resonated with me.

I hope that you have found these time management tips useful.



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