time management tips for my home business

by Kelly

Running my home business I quickly needed to put in place good time management tips! Why...well there just weren't enough hours in the day and I was easily distracted when working from home.

Here's what I did:

1. Planned ahead the work that I had to do and prioritized what needed to be done.

2. Identified my time-wasters that then set goals to reduce them

3. Took regular breaks

4. Set a time to do household chores

5. Implemented a one touch rule to paper and emails.

Love your site,


Kell’s reply: Thanks Kelly for your home business time management tips and your positive feedback - which inspires me to provide more content.

Running a business involves juggling many different responsibilities and it sounds like you are doing a great job.

Planning ahead gives you more control over your business. Rather than jumping from crisis to crisis, you come from a position of power in which you decide what activities to focus on.

Sure there will be surprises along the way that require immediate attention but it is good to have a plan to come back to when things settle.

Taking regular breaks is also critical to maintain focus and concentration. Every hour see if you can take 5-10 minutes off. In your time management schedule make sure you don't book things back-to-back as this will just create more stress and not give adequate space to rest and prepare for your next task.

Also free time tracking software can be used on your computer (if your business is web-based) to identify any timewasters.

Thanks for your time management tips Kelly.

Dan’s comment: Time Management Software helps to optimize an organization?s workforce.

It provides the tools needed to control labor costs, manage compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity all while eliminating payroll calculation errors, reducing manual payroll preparation.

Anonymous comment: Hi to all out there. Many of us try to solve all problems ourselves and often that is extremely frustrating.

Clever people, be it private or business individuals can simply make use of virtual assistants.

They have helped a lot of people already and it is a truly professional organization.

Don't work harder, works smarter.

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