Online calendars

I have heard that you can get online calendars that can share information across a group.

Do you know any? Free if possible?

Thanks KP

Kell's answer

Hi KP,
Online calendars are a great way to share information across a group.

They can be used for sporting teams (to let people know if training is on tonight) or for families trying to juggle many different schedules of the children and other family members.

The free one that I like this free online calendar.

Hope this helps

Other comments

FranklinCovey has a great one called PlanPlusOnline.

It has not only made me more organized and productive , it has assisted our entire team to higher levels of productivity , PlanPlus Online has a Free trial



Kell's reply

Thanks for sharing your ideas Mike and KP.

Franklin Covey are one of the premiere time management and workplace productivity companies in the world.

They have worked with a large number of the Fortune 100 and 500 companies and thousands of smaller companies in the area of time management and effectiveness.

I have written more about the Franklin Covey software and the core software product, Franklin PlanPlus.

All the best,

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