Plan my day the night before, plan my week on Sunday night

by Tracey

I have found this time management tip really useful.

It is pretty simple but has saved me heaps of time.

Basically on Sunday night I write a plan of my weekly events - the things that I need to do that week and all the family stuff as well.

Then at the end of the day, I write a plan for the following day. I have found that this is has been really helpful for me.

Like your site - can you put some stuff up on stress management. Tracey

Kell's reply: Tracey, you are implementing some of the key strategies of time management – to plan your work and then work your plan.

While I used to live and breathe my to-do list, as it kept me focused and motivated at a daily level.

But the problem with planning at a daily level is that it has the potential to pull you into reactivity. That is why in today's world of work a weekly planning tool is more effective.

But before I do my weekly plan I develop a longer term goal setting plan, so that I maintain direction and purpose, and know exactly where the best use of my time is spent.

Once I have a goal setting plan and an action plan to achieve each goal, I then create my weekly plan and daily to do list.

For me, and many others, this is a tried and tested way of implementing effective time management.

Tracey, you asked about more stress management resources. As a performance psychologist I work also alot in the area of stress management. I am actually developing another site, called stress management for peak performance, which may be helpful for stress relief.

Josh's comment
Whoa- I love that someone else advocates planning their week in advance and checking in on the next day the night before.

I always tell my business coaching clients (usually artists) that this time management is a must. They have to think of themselves as small business entrepreneurs and this kind of time management is a must in achieving their goals.

Thanks for posting, and I may share with some clients of mine if that's okay.

Josh R

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